A physics-based approach to energy storage technology

Finally, a battery to replace gasoline

Pronoia is building the world's first physics-based battery to unlock large-scale energy storage. Our mission is to power the entire global economy with clean and renewable energy.

While we believe we are at the dawn of a new industrial revolution, we will need a new way to power this future. Human flourishing will require more – not less – energy consumption, and to truly end our dependence on fossil fuel, we will need ambitious ideas that can produce new category-defining technology.

Pronoia is accelerating the transition to 100% renewable energy with novel energy storage technology that improves capacity by orders of magnitude.

We believe that if we develop such forward leap technology, we will create a much more advanced and optimistic future.

Ready to develop a 100% renewable future?

There's never been a better time to scale climate technology. We're hiring for electrical and battery engineers.